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2004 revealed new trends on the Polish pharma market
PMR forecasts the weak previous year’s growth of the Polish pharma market to almost double and reach about 5% per year in 2005-2007. The other trends that started in 2004, however, such as disparity between generics and originals, domestic sales growth outpacing import sales growth and OTC segment growing faster than Rx are expected to continue. According to the report “Pharmaceutical and healthcare market in Poland 2005”, issued by PMR in July 2005, the Polish pharmaceuticals market will enjoy annual growth rates of around 5% in the period of 2005-2007. This means the market will grow to a value of approx. PLN 20.3bn (€5bn) by 2007. PMR analysts forecast growth in 2005-2007 will be almost twice as high as last year, although they do not expect the market to expand as rapidly as in the period of 2001-2003. “Our modest growth forecast for 2005-2007 stems mainly from government efforts to cut spending on drug reimbursement”, says Joanna Rybak, the author of the report, adding that “the policy adopted by Poland’s Ministry of Health – designed to cut government expenditures on drug reimbursement – has already influenced growth on the Polish pharmaceuticals market, altering market [...] Publication date: August 2005 Click here to download the full article

Source: Pharmaceutical and healthcare market in Poland 2005