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Our methodology is focused on effectiveness measured by time to response, motivated number of sites, reliable assessment of potential recruitment population for the study. Local standards of care research.

Feasibility tools support the high quality feasibility data by

  • Selection of sites from our network led by very motivated and committed Investigators allows fast initiation of trial, conduct and closeout
  • Approaching the best Investigators in therapeutic area/field
  • Saving time for complete response to our Client

We provide three models of feasibility data requirements, which fits the best for the specific clinical trial stage:

  • Basic-Basing on best specialists in our Network, we can give a quick, reliable and brief review of the potential of sites to perform the study and estimate of potential enrollment.
  • Full-providing precise, solid data. CROS works very closely with clinical sites to identify issues, risks that might affect recruitment, execution and or patient retention and protocol areas that might affect study execution.
  • High level Feasibility- consultancy experience allows to support and advise Sponsor at the project design level. The following factors need to be analyzed:
  • Population
  • Recruitment potential
  • Local standards of treatment
  • Regional and or country specific regulation influencing study registration and conduct, including the timelines
  • Logisitic conditions