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The dietary supplements market in Poland 2004-2005
Market value In 2004, the Polish dietary supplements market was worth close to PLN 360m (€90m), and exceeded PLN 210m (€46m) in the first half of 2005 (pharmacy sales only).Yet, we estimate that the total market (both pharmacy and non-pharmacy sales) could be worth approx. 20% more. From among the sector’s product categories, vitamins and minerals comprised the largest group accounting for nearly half of the pharmacy market. Vitamins and minerals were ahead of anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory preparations (approx. one third of the market). The two categories were also at the top in the first half of 2005, comprising approx. 80% of the dietary supplements market. The first product category includes a number of sub-categories, such as: mineral preparations (with Calcium and Laktomag as flagship products), vitamin preparations, multi-vitamins with minerals (Vibovit, Zdrovit, Centrum, Vigor Complete), energy boosting and stimulating preparations (Doppelherz) and supplements for athletes (chiefly of Olimp company). Meanwhile, the second product category includes: anti-rheumatic (Arthrostop, Artresan Active), anti-inflammatory (Litozin) and [...] Publication date: February 2006 Click here to download the full article

Source: Pharma Poland News