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Termin ważności:
2019-02-28 - 2019-04-15
Województwo / region:
Łódzkie, Łódź
International Centre for Research on Innovative Biobased Materials,

ICRI-BioM is seeking an academic leader to serve as the Director. This individual will be
responsible for vision and implementation of the research within this new institution and
initiation of collaborative activities with other scientific institutions.

ICRI-BioM is new research institution, established under the Foundation for Polish Science MAB PLUS Program in collaboration with the Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research in Mainz. It aims at the creation of an excellent scientific unit that focuses on combining polymer chemistry with molecular biosystems engineering experimentally and with the aid of computational sciences. Initially three groups, led by Principal Investigators (one of which will be the Director) of highest scientific standings, are expected to be organized. They will be subsequently augmented by two junior PI groups. It is expected that the collaboration and synergy between these groups, local scientific environment, and international cooperation will lead to breakthrough research in basic and in applied sciences.

Candidates should have at least PhD degree and 10 years of experience in at least one of the main fields of the planned research areas as described above, international recognition for research accomplishments (ideally comparable to the Advanced ERC level), and possess effective leadership, managerial, and collaborative skills as well as a record as a mentor to young scientists.

We offer

  • salary in the range 270000 – 330000 PLN (approximately 63000 – 77000 €) per year depending on qualifications, with less than about 29% in employee taxes and social security contributions,
  • renewable 4-years contract,
  • half-time (with 276 h/month in total strictly enforced) to full-time (preferred) employment,
  • help with accommodation,
  • great research environment.

The selection is a two-steps process. Interested candidates are requested to e-mail the following documentation (in pdf format):

  • CV (up to 3 pages)
  • up to 10 key research and/or implementation achievements from the last ten years (a single achievement is e.g. full text of one publication, text of a patent, etc.),
  • description of unique features of the achievements obtained in the last ten years and their influence on the development of a given scientific field (up to 3 pages),
  • list of key projects for which the applicant was granted funding in the last ten years,
  • list of key conference speeches or lectures delivered by the applicant in the last ten years at the invitation of hosts, indicating the names of the hosts,
  • description of the applicant’s research management experience (up to 2 pages)
  • description of the applicant’s experience in research-industry cooperation and of successful implementations (up to 2 pages) by April 15th, 2019 (or until the position is filled) to:

Professor Piotr Paneth, President


In the second stage short-listed candidates will be asked to present at the ICRI-BioM premises their vision of the institution scientific implementation and development including information which groups at which stage will cooperate with entrepreneurs.



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